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Here at Sweet Bottom, a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Center, we can take the underwater enthusiast all the way from a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience participant through PADI Master Instructor. We also have a Technical Diving Instructor who offers Tec courses for those who are interested in deeper diving. Diving all starts with learning the basics and taking your first breaths underwater with one of our wonderful instructors.

 Come on in and get started diving today!

Shallow ocean dive
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(Courses include all books, dives, and equipment.. per person rate)


Refresher (1-4 years without diving) -- $120

Been a little while since you dove? This private refresher includes a pool session and ocean dive with an instructor to get you back up to speed and underwater.

Extensive Refresher (5+ years w/o diving) -- $200

This refresher is for those who are certified, but need more assistance prior to making dives with a group or on a boat. This 1/2 day, private refresher will consist of a classroom session, a pool session and an ocean dive.

Scuba Diver Course -- $345

Age Requirement: 10 years old. This entry level certification was designed for students who didn't have enough time to complete the Open Water Certification. The course consists of 1 day in the pool/classroom and 1 day in the ocean. The limitations of this certification are: 40' depth limit and the diver must be with a Divemaster or Instructor at all times.

Upgrade from Scuba Diver to Open Water -- $250

This courses offers the 2 days of the open water course to students certified as "scuba divers" (or "basic scuba divers.")

Open Water Course -- $495

Age Requirement: 10 years old. This 4 day course is designed to take first time divers and make them into confident, safe, certified divers. The course consists of 2 days in the pool and classroom & 2 days in the ocean. This lifetime, entry level, certification allows divers to dive to 60' with any certified dive buddy.

Open Water Referral / Checkout Dives -- $275

This course is for students who have finished their pool / classroom work of their open water course with another dive center. We will take the students to the pool to get them familiar with our equipment and then head to the ocean for 4 dives. These dives are conducted as shore wall dives and are conducted over two days.

Adventure Diver Course -- $250

The adventure and advanced open water courses are designed to introduce the certified diver to new diving specialties. In the adventure diver course there are 3 adventure dives that must be completed. Some examples of Adventure Dives are: Night Diver, Photography, & Wreck Diver. Very little classroom time and more in-water exercises make this class an easy add-on to a week of diving.

Advanced Open Water Course -- $395

The advanced open water course is designed to introduce the certified diver to 5 new diving specialties. In the advanced open water course the diver will have 3 adventure dives to choose and 2 mandatory dives (deep and navigation.) After these 5 divers the new AOW Diver will be certified to 100' and eligible for the Rescue Course.


Rescue Diver Course -- $500

The rescue diver course trains divers the necessary skills to assist and lead in a diver rescue scenario. This 2 day course has been described as "thorough", "challenging", and regularly "the best scuba class I have ever taken." Prerequisite: AOW Certification

Divemaster Course -- $900

The divemaster course is the a professional level course open to only rescue divers. This course is developed to be conducted as an internship program where the diver is taught the in's and out's of being a divemaster. This program generally takes place over a minimum of 2 weeks with 3 weeks being preferred. Divemasters are taught to guided dives, teach snorkeling & refresher courses, and assist instructors in various programs. Are you ready to join the ranks?

Guided Dive in St. Croix
Night Diver at the Pier
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       (Courses include all books, dives, and equipment.. per person rate)

Boat Diver Course -- $250

This 2 dive specialty focuses on the in's and out's of diving off of a boat.

Coral Reef Conservation Course -- $75

This dry-specialty focuses on teaching the student how our coral reefs thrive, suffer, and need our help to survive

Deep Diver Course -- $315 / $250 if AOW Certified

This course builds upon the deep adventure dive from the Advanced Open Water Course. The 3 dives you will conduct will train the student how to plan and execute dives deeper than 100'

Delayed Surface Marker Buoy Course -- $200

Shooting a DSMB from depth is a necessary skill in certain dive environments and this course will teach the diver the safest way to do so.

Digital Underwater Photography Course -- $250

If your photos aren't as crisp, clean, and eye catching this course is for you. Our on staff photographer will personally work with you and your camera to show you some simple techniques to take much  more appealing photos.

Drift Diver Course -- $200

The drift diver course focuses on safe techniques and skills necessary for diving in stronger current.

Enriched Air Nitrox Course -- $225

Nitrox is any gas mixture with more than 21% Oxygen in the gas blend. The advantage of having a higher oxygen blend while diving is it allows divers to stay down longer as compared to air. Nitrox also has a physiological affect on our body making divers feel less tired after dives.

Equipment Specialist Course -- $200

This course teaches the diver how to maintain and care for their equipment

Fish Identification Course -- $200

This course will make any diver a fish identification expert!

Full Face Mask Course -- $275

This  3 dive course will teach the diver the skills to don, doff, bailout, and enjoy diving with a full face mask.


Gas Blender Course -- $275

This course teaches the diver how to blend different gas mixtures and how to achieve oxygen clean status on equipment used for such mixtures


Multi Level Diver Course -- $200

The multi level diver course is designed to teach divers how to more effectively plan dives.

Night Diver Course -- $250

This 3 dive course will train the diver how to safely plan and execute night dives.


Oxygen Provider Course -- $150

This course teaches divers how to administer emergency oxygen to a patient in need.

Peak Performance Buoyancy Course -- $200

This 2 dive course will improve even the advanced diver's propulsion techniques, trim, and buoyancy in the water.

Project AWARE Course -- $75

This course teaches the student about the relationship of humans and the underwater world. 

Public Safety Diver Course -- $500

This course is for the department employee who is looking to learn the necessary skills to become a public safety dive team member. Sorry this course is only available to members of the fire, police, or emergency services.

Search & Recovery Course --$315

Become proficient in locating and lifting underwater objects.


Sea Turtle Awareness Course -- $200

Learn how to identify various sea turtles and how we can assist in the conservation of these animals.

Self-Reliant (Solo Diver) Course -- $300

This 3 dive course is designed to teach divers the proper way to execute, plan, and solve problems while solo diving.  

Shark Conservation Course -- $200

Learn how to identify various sharks and how we can assist in the conservation of the species.

Sidemount Diver Course-- $300

In this course the diver will learn various sidemount skills over the 4 dives. These skills cover areas such as, cylinder attachment techniques, gas management, emergency procedures, achieving trim cylinders throughout the dive, how to choose what sidemount harness is right for me, and many more topics.

Tec Sidemount Course -- $400

This course builds upon the sidemount course and teaches the diver how to manage 3-4 sidemount cylinders.

Underwater Naturalist Course -- $200

The underwater naturalist is someone who is taught the different relationships the underwater creatures share with each other.

Underwater Navigation Course -- $250

This course builds upon the Underwater Navigation Adventure dive in the AOW Course and teaches the student how to better navigate using more advanced techniques.


Underwater Videographer Course -- $245

Learn how to produce better videos!


Wreck Diver  Course -- $350

This 4 dive course will train you how to safely penetrate a shipwreck

Underwater Photographer taking a class in St. Croix
Sidemount Diver in St. Croix
Full Face Mask Diver in St. Croix
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Technical Diver at Decompression
Technical Diver on St. Croix