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Digital Underwater Photography Course

Learn how to take great photos underwater!

Course Objective:

To train the diver how to shoot better underwater images. In the course we will go over: camera choices, underwater housings, photography basic concepts,  white balancing, underwater lighting, and editing. Our goal is to make the diver more comfortable using their equipment and to produce amazing works of art.


  • 10+ years old

  • ​PADI (Junior) Open Water Divers or higher

  • Complete the DIVER MEDICAL - Participant Questionnaire. Read the form carefully. If you are able to answer "YES" to any of the questions, a Physician must SIGN OFF and give APPROVAL for you to participate in diving activities.

underwater photographer

What is Involved?

  • Independent Study via PADI Digital Underwater Photography eLearning Course​

  • (2) - Open Water Dives

  • Choose the right underwater camera system for you. Using the PADI "SEA" (Shoot, Examine, Adjust) method for getting great shots quickly

  • Principles for good composition of underwater images

  • Practical techniques to take great photos with your digital camera

Required Course Materials:

  • PADI Digital Underwater Photography eLearning Course

Required Equipment:

  • Basic scuba Equipment

  • Underwater Camera

  • Light/strobe

How Many Students In The Course?

We are Proud to Offer PRIVATE / SEMI PRIVATE COURSES. Our courses are smaller, allowing us to focus on your every need, as you become a certified PADI Underwater Digital Photography Diver. We enroll an average of 3 students per instructor.  Many of our courses are PRIVATE, with 1 on 1 Instruction.

How Long Is The Course? 

This course is generally completed in one full day from 9am to 4pm, but it can be split into two half days as well.



Digital Underwater Photography ------- $350

Includes: PADI Digital Underwater Photography eLearning Course, Course Materials, Tuition, and Certification Fee


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