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SCUBA Diving in St. Croix

We specialize in small group, dive trips. Whether it is by shore, boat, or a mix thereof; we can make your dive trip everything you imagined and more.


  • St. Croix is home to miles of healthy reefs that blanket the north, west, and east sides of the island.

  • There are more than 50 dive sites scattered around the north and west sides of the island.

  • Simply put, the island has very diverse diving. Along the northshore there is WALL DIVING. The westend has 5 SHIPWRECKS, the PIER, and REEF DIVES. Finally, there is Buck Island which offers wonderful snorkeling and a relaxing atmosphere.

  • There is both SHORE & BOAT diving available on the island.


Shore diving is very popular on St. Croix due to the accessibility and quality of the dive sites.
We offer guided shore dives to a number of different dive sites. Our guided dives have an average group size of 1-4 divers to 1 divemaster to keep the focus on YOU and Your Enjoyment.
We also try to keep divers of the same skill level grouped together to avoid divers feeling pressured into diving past their limits. Are you interested in shore diving without a guide? We have a large fleet of RENTAL GEAR for divers just like you!

Transportation Considerations: Don't miss out on the various dive sites on St. Croix. Transportation is not included to and from different dive sites. Rental Cars are the easiest way to ensure you see everything there is to see!


All Prices Include Dive Gear (Night Dives Include 2 Lights)
1 Tank Guided Shore Wall Dive - $75
2 Tank Guided Shore Wall Dive - $110
1 Tank Guided Night Wall Dive - $90
1 Tank Guided Pier Day Dive (60-90 min. average) - $90 
1 Tank Guided Pier Night Dive (Night 60-90 min. average) - $105
2 Tank Guided Pier Day & Night Dive (60-90 min. average) - $140
Guided Shore Diving Discounts
Participate in a total of 6 Dives or more (per person) and Save 10%
Participate in a total of 10 Dives or more (per person) and Save 15%
davis bay wall
seahorse at cane bay
school of fish on st. croix's wall
seahorse at the pier

These are some of the popular shore dives on St. Croix

Cane Bay: This site is the new Sweet Bottom Dive Center @ Cane Bay's house reef, and is home to a beautiful beach and a few restaurants.  Parking is available using the Sweet Bottom Parking Spaces. The walk to the entry point is a 100-yard sand chute on either side of the concrete boat lunch ramp. Waves are usually timid year-round making entry and exit quite easy. The dropoff is about 200-250 yards, but the kick-out isn't entirely necessary. The coral at this site begins about 75 yards off of shore at a depth of 10'. Due north of the entry point there is a large "Seahorse" and photo opportunity, from there you have several coral-encrusted anchors, and a sand chute that will take you to a beautiful drop-off. This dropoff is near vertical and at about 80'. This bowl formation drops down to 200' before going straight vertical to 600'. After dropping your no-deco limit it is time to multilevel it through the crevices and canyons of coral. 

Common Sightings: reef sharks, sea turtles, schooling reef fish (tangs, wrasse, triggerfish) , and other reef fish.

Possible Sightings: eagle rays, dolphins, hammerheads, jacks,  barracuda, squid, and other large fish 

Staff Comments: This site is on our top 5 for a reason, the vertical wall offers great visibility to what lies hundreds of feet down.

Tec Diving Tip: Once you get over the kick out, this dive is truly something special. With two caverns, one at 200' and one at 280' there is something for everyone to explore.

Davis Bay Wall (Carambola House Reef): This site is accessed from the west side of the Carambola resort property. The Diveshop transports divers' gear to the entry point's staging area. Here the entry to the water is only 20 yards away with a 100 yard sandy patch to easily walk into the water. From here, the wall begins 75 yards away due north. The top of the wall is at 25' and it drops to 180' on a 45° before dropping vertically for thousands of feet. To the west there are many underwater fissures in the coral wall. To the east there is a beautiful coral structure that extends hundreds of yards before a break in the topography.

Common Sightings: reef sharks, sea turtles, schooling reef fish (tangs, wrasse, triggerfish), stingrays, jawfish, flounder, lionfish, drum fish, parrotfish, damselfish, tilefish, and many others.

Possible Sightings: eagle rays, seahorses, dolphin, hammerhead sharks, jacks, mackerel, mantas, barracuda & many others.

Staff Comments: One of our favorite distinctive markers we have on this site is the large amount of 5'+ sea fans that litter the Davis Bay Wall. Davis Bay offers up something new every dive we log at this reef.

Tec Diving Tip: Tech Diving Davis is quite easy and a quick surface swim to the wall makes hauling the gear more manageable. There is a Cavern at 280' and a chimney/skylight at 240' 

Northstar: This site is about a mile east of the resort and can be recognized by the first pull off (100 feet east of the dilapidated building after the Jungle.) This site has a difficult entry with no sand channel to easily walk to a reasonable depth. It is really only recommended to be done on calm days with little wave action and booties should be worn. The struggle is worth it as a beautiful wall lies 75 yards from shore in 25' of water dropping vertically to about 400'. This site makes for a perfect multilevel dive with plenty of fish, sharks, and topography to appease all eyes.

Common Sightings: reef sharks, large elkhorn corals, schooling reef fish (tangs, wrasse, triggerfish), and other reef fish.

Possible Sightings: Jacks, mackerels, sennetts,  squid, and other big fish.

Staff Comments: This entry is no joke. Take necessary precautions when diving.

Tec Diving Tip: Tech diving this site requires patience in setup and tear down. Stage bottles one at a time in the water before making your way in with heavy kit. There is a cavern at 280' with a nice chimney.


The Frederiksted Pier: This site is hard to miss, located in the heart of Frederiksted on the West End of St. Croix. Parking is available on the pier and there is also street parking. This 1500' pier is a macro diving mecca. Diving is only a giant stride away from seeing some of the best underwater critters and coral reefs on the island. This dive has an average depth of 25' and dive times exceed well over an hour. Divers are admiring the coral formations that have overtaken the hundred of pillars that hold the pier up. After reaching about the 700' mark the coral is found more on the seafloor. At the end of the pier, the depth reaches 45' and it is here where divers find large barrel sponges & batfish. This dive site is listed as one of  SCUBA Diver Magazine's Top Night Dives in the Caribbean. 

Common Sightings: seahorses, frogfish, arrow crabs, barracuda, sea turtles, stingrays, mantis shrimp, starfish, jawfish, trunkfish, lionfish, lobsters, scorpionfish, & schools of reef fish.

Possible Sightings: eagle rays, pipefish, flying gurnards

Staff Comments: There isn't a better macro site we have ever dove in the Caribbean.. Please note that you can't dive the pier when the cruise ships are in.

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