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Discover Scuba

Diving course

Experience Diving without Prior Training and SEA What Lies Below!

Course Description:

The Discover Scuba Program here at Sweet Bottom is all about making your first experience underwater safe and memorable. We start with a classroom session to teach the students the basics to scuba diving. Then we head into the confined water (on-site pool) to get our first breaths in. Here our instructors will work in very small groups (1 instructor to 2 students) and train the students on basic scuba skills. After all of the students are comfortable, we transfer the dive gear to the beach entry and conduct a 30-45 minute dive on the beautiful house reef. We will dive to a max depth of 40' bringing us right to the edge of the wall.

diving the wall at davis bay in st. croix

How Long is the Course:

We pride ourselves in making this first experience unforgettable and we know everyone learns at a different pace. However, on average our course is 2-3 hours in length.



  • Minimum Age of 10 Years Old

  • Must be able to swim and be comfortable in the water.

  • Complete the DIVER MEDICAL - Participant Questionnaire. Read the form carefully. If you are able to answer "YES" to any of the questions, a Physician must SIGN OFF and give APPROVAL for you to participate in diving activities.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, understand we WILL NOT allow you in the pool or ocean if you have a "yes" without a signed medical. We have been the "bad guys" before due to this issue. We will not risk our student's safety just so they can try scuba diving.

Course Times:

  • Daily at 9 am and 1 pm

​We require reservation for our Discover Scuba Courses by calling 340.773.3483

What Will I See:

  • Beautiful soft & hard corals including sponges, sea fans, and brain corals

  • Schools of reef fish including tangs, wrasses, angel fish, damsels, barracuda, eels, & squid

  • Little critters such as shrimps, gobies, flamingo tongue, and arrow crabs

  • Turtles including Hawksbills and Green Sea Turtles

  • Sting rays & eagle rays

We can't promise everything, but these are what call the North Shore Reef, Home.

What If I Want to Dive MORE?:

We offer additional dives called ReDiscover Dives at an additional $85 per wall dive or $95 per pier dive. These don't necessarily need to be scheduled for the same day as your first dive. The ReDiscover Dive will be conducted just like your first experience except we will not need to go to the pool or classroom prior to the ocean. We can do these dives at the Pier or on the Wall. The ratio for ReDiscover Dives are still only, 1 instructor per 2 participants. Dive gear is included in these dives. These must be done within (14) days of your initial DSD program with Sweet Bottom Dive Center.

The other option is to looking into taking a certification course! Why not take home a SCUBA DIVER or OPEN WATER Certification and really take the plunge into diving. We offer discounts for DSD students to upgrade to do, just this!

ReDiscover Anchor


Includes: Dive Gear, Confined Water (Pool) Session & Ocean Dive

Discover Scuba Program with (1) Ocean Dive --- $110

Discover Scuba Course with 2 Ocean Dives on the Same Day --- $170

ReDiscover Scuba --- $85 for an additional Wall dive or $95 for a pier dive

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