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Discover Tec

Give tec diving a try before jumping into a certification course

PADI Tec Course Breakdown:

The PADI Tec Rec Courses are structured to build upon the skills of the previous class. The progression of classes are:


This allows the diver to take baby steps throughout their Open Circuit Technical Diving Courses. There is no bigger concern than task loading a diver with too many skills and variables to early on throughout their course. The PADI Tec Courses will ensure the diver is 100% comfortable with each step along the way of becoming a proficient technical diver.

​Discover Tec Objective:

  • To introduce divers to technical diving skills and equipment configuration.

  • To teach divers the advantages to tec diving

  • Discover Tec is not a certification, but can be credited towards the first Tec 40 Dive.

tec divers on a boat dive


  • Must be Open Water certified

  • 18 years old

  • Must have 10 logged dives

  • RSTC Medical Form signed by a Doctor if the diver has any medical conditions. Download the Medical Form Here

What is Involved?​​

  • (1) Pool Dive & (1) Open Water Dive

Required Course Materials:

  • N/A

What Equipment Will I Use:

  • Any one of the following:

          - A single cylinder with a dual outlet valve (H valve or Y valve)
          - A single cylinder with a single outlet valve and a pony bottle. The minimum               size of the pony bottle is 30 cu/ft.
          - Back mounted doubles with dual isolator manifold
          - Two side mounted cylinders

  • Two complete regulators, one with a seven foot hose for air sharing and one with a SPG. Where two, unmanifolded cylinders are used (sidemount or pony bottle), each regulator must have a SPG, carried and/or marked in such a way as to avoid confusion between them.

  • Stage/deco cylinder with attachment hardware and a single second stage regulator and SPG. 

  • BCD with D-rings or other attachment points for a stage/deco cylinder.

  • Two dive computers or one computer with a backup timer and depth gauge.

  • Exposure suit appropriate for cold water diving

  • Proper weight system

  • Reel and lift bag or DSMB

  • 2 knives / cutting devices

  • Slate

  • Compass

  • 2 Lights

  • Backup buoyancy control (either drysuit or dual bladder wing)

How Many Students In The Course?

Private 1 on 1

How Long Is This Experience Course? 

This experience is half a day long



Discover Tec --- $300

Tec 40 Course --- $700


Tec 40 & Tec 45 Courses --- $1,300


Tec Deep Program (Tec 40, 45, & 50) --- $2,000

Take the PADI Tec Sidemount Course in 

conjunction with any Tec Course for $450 more. (Must already have Sidemount Specialty)

Includes: Course Tuition and Limited Rental Equipment


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