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Bubble Maker

Kids finally get to experience diving in a safe and enjoyable way!

Course Description:

Kids can experience SCUBA during your visit to St. Croix. Children ages 8+ can learn about SCUBA diving under the guidance of our professional instructors. The course is held in our pool, located on site. The kids will learn basic SCUBA skills and will have a great time doing fun activities underwater.



  • 8 years old

  • Must complete a PADI RSTC Medical Form. If there are any YES answers present the form must be signed by a doctor prior to class. Locate the form here

What is involved:

A fun laid back, informal, classroom session to go over the do's and don'ts. Then an hour and a half long pool session wearing the scuba gear and having fun! We have many underwater toys that the kids can play with including an underwater bubble gun!


Bubble Maker --- $75

Includes: Rental Gear, 1.5 Hours in the pool & instruction

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