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Oxygen Provider Course

Learn the proper technique and procedure to administer oxygen to a patient in need

Course Objective:

This course will teach you when and how to use emergency oxygen to help a patient in a diving or non-diving emergency.


No Prerequisites​


What is Involved?

You will learn about dive injuries, safety considerations when using oxygen, and different type of oxygen equipment. You will also learn how to assemble, disassemble and deploy different emergency oxygen equipment.  


  • Knowledge Development (home study)

  • Classroom and Practical Application

Required Course Materials:

  • PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Manual

Required Equipment:

  • We will supply the emergency oxygen equipment

How Many Students In The Course?

This course is generally completed when students arise, so private classes are common.

How Long Is The Course? 

This course is approximately (2) hours in length

No Hidden Fees: 

​​​This course includes the manual and tuition for the certification



PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider --- $175
​Includes: Course Materials, Course Tuition, & Certification Fee


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