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Full Face

Mask Course

Learn to dive with a Full Face Mask!

Course Objective:

There are many advantaged to full face masks including, no jaw fatigue, the ability to have vocal communications with team members, and a wider viewing area. Learn for yourself how full face masks are a game changer!


  • 12 years old

  • Jr Open Water Certified or above

  • Complete the DIVER MEDICAL - Participant Questionnaire. Read the form carefully. If you are able to answer "YES" to any of the questions, a Physician must SIGN OFF and give APPROVAL for you to participate in diving activities.

What is Involved?

  • (1) - Confined Water Pool Dive

  • (2) - Open Water Dives

  • Classroom Session

  • You will learn about the full face mask, how to don and doff, how to bailout, how to use the communications, and how to equalize using a nose block

Required Course Materials:

  • N/A

Required Equipment:

  • Standard Equipment

  • Full Face Mask 

All Equipment is supplied in this course​ - We use OTS Guardian and OTS Spectrum FFMs with Buddy Phone Communication Systems. We will train you on any brand FFM.

How Many Students In The Course?

 We have (4) face masks allowing us to have up to (4) students. Although, most courses are private 1 on 1.

How Long Is The Course? 

This course is completed in 1 full day


Full Face Mask Diver ---$375

Includes: Rental Gear, Tuition, and Certification Fee

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