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PADI Tec Trimix

Descend to 330' using Trimix!

PADI Trimix Course Breakdown:

  • PADI Tec 65 trains the diver how to use non-hypoxic trimix mixtures to conduct accelerated decompression dives to a max of 210'. The diver will also be trained to use up to 4 decompression cylinders to conduct these dives.

  • PADI Tec Trimix trains the diver how to use hypoxic trimix mixtures to conduct accelerated decompression dives to a max depth of 330'. This sets the diver up to make serious technical dives.

Tec Trimix Objective & Qualifications:

  • To train the diver to safely plan and execute Trimix dives to a max depth of 210'. Minimum oxygen content must be 18%

  • To train the diver to carry up to 4 decompression mixtures


Topics in this course include:

  • Trimix diving depth ranges

  • Exposure planning

  • Selecting a mix

  • Argon inflation systems

  • Handling three or four decompression cylinders

  • Decompression models

  • Emergency procedures

  • Decompression software and multi-gas computers



  • Tec 65 or equivalent​

  • Rescue Diver w/ Current CPR & AED

  • 150 logged dives

  • 18+ years old

  • RSTC Medical Form signed by a physician in the past 12 months.

  • 1 Open Water Tec Dive with our Staff Instructor as a checkout dive

sidemount trimix diver

What is Involved?

  • 4 Open Water Trimix Decompression​

  • Independent Study (homework)

  • Classroom

  • Dive planning workshop

  • Equipment Prep workshop

Required Course Materials:

  • Tec Trimix Manual

Tec Trimix Required Equipment:

  • Double cylinders with isolator

  • Primary and secondary regulators, one with seven foot hose for gas sharing, and one with SPG

  • Stage/decompression cylinders with regulator, SPG, mounting hardware and proper labeling/markings. Three per diver will be required

  • BCD and harness - redundant buoyancy control is required (double bladder BCD or dry suit if suitable for weight of equipment worn)

  • Depth gauge/computer and backup depth gauge/computer

  • Timing device and backup timing device

  • Trimix decompression information (tables/trimix computer) and backup decompression information

  • Exposure suit appropriate for environment and dive duration. (If you use a dry suit, you should be trained/experienced with its use in recreational and technical diving prior to using it for trimix training or diving.)

  • Argon dry suit inflation or other inflation system as needed

  • Weight system (if needed)

  • Inflatable signal tube

  • Reel

  • Lift bag

  • Dive knife / cutting device and backup slate, backup mask (optional)

  • Compass, lights (optional)

How Many Students In The Course?

We take a maximum of 3 trimix students per course. Most courses are private.

How Long Is The Course? 

This course is conducted in 4 days



Tec Trimix Course --- $800 (Plus Gases)
Includes: Equipment Rental, Course Materials, Tuition, & Certification Fees

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