Drift Diver Course

Glide over reefs and walls using the current to assist you along your way

Course Objective:

This course will train divers how to effortlessly glide and relax through the water with the current at our backs. There are some special procedures & planning considerations that must be used to maximize your experience.


diver drifting in the current

What is Involved?

  • Knowlege Development (home study)

  • 2- Open Water Dives

Required Course Materials:

  • Drift Diver Manual & DVD

How Many Students In The Course?

Our  courses are smaller, allowing us to focus on your every need, as you become a certified PADI Drift Diver. We enroll an average of 3 students per instructor.  Many of our courses are PRIVATE, with 1 on 1 Instruction.

How Long Is The Course? 

This course is 1 day long with 2 ocean dives and a classroom session


Drift Diver Specialty -- $200

Includes: Gear Rental, Course Materials, Tuition, & Certification Costs