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Gas Blender Course

Learn how to Blend Nitrox / Trimix and Oxygen Clean Equipment

Course Objective:

If you have been intrigued by how your nitrox got to be, or how the dive shop oxygen cleaned your gear, this course is for you. This course will train how you to blend perfect gas mixtures, different blending techniques, and how to oxygen clean equipment


  • 18 years of age

  • Must be a certified PADI Enriched Air Diver or equivalent

What is Involved?

  • Independent Study (home study)

  • Knowledge Development (classroom)

  • Oxygen Cleaning Workshop

  • Gas Blending Workshop

Required Course Materials:

  • PADI Gas Blending Manual

How Many Students In The Course?

This course is scheduled as needed and is generally conducted as a private course.

How Long Is The Course? 

The DSAT Gas Blending Course is completed in one full day



PADI Gas Blender --- 350

​Includes: Course Materials, Course Tuition & Certification Fee

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