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  • 18+ years old

  • Open Water Certified or above

  • 25 logged dives

  • RSTC Medical Form signed by a Doctor if the diver has any medical conditions. Download the Medical Form Here

What is Involved?​​

  • Independent Study (home study) 

  • ​Knowledge Development (classroom) 

  • 3 - Dives

  • Technical Equipment Workshop

Required Course Materials:

  • TDI Intro to Tech Manual

Intro to Tech Required Equipment:

  • Primary cylinder(s) cylinder volume appropriate for diving conditions and diver gas consumption

  •  Primary regulators a. Primary and alternate second stage required on all primary cylinder(s) b. Submersible pressure gauges are required on all primary cylinder(s)

  • Depth gauge and automatic bottom timer and/or dive computer

  • BCD/Wing/Harness appropriate for equipment configuration

  • Ascent reel with lift bag/surface marker buoy a. Appropriate for maximum planned depth b. Lift bag with at least 11 kg / 25 lbs of lift

  • Exposure protection appropriate for local diving condition

  • Slates / wet-notes

How Many Students In The Course?

This course is scheduled as needed is normally conducted as a private course. However, a maximum of 6 students are permitted.

How Long Is The Course? 

This course is completed in two full days



Into to Tec -- $700 

Into to Tec, Decompression Procedures & Advanced Nitrox -- $2,000

Into to Tech Objective:

  • This course is strictly a no-decompression course where the objective is get the diver ready for decompression training in the Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures Course.

  • To familiarize the students with technical equipment and configurations.

  • The skills presented are to enhance the students open water skills such as buoyancy, trim, and situational awareness.

  • To introduce divers advanced gas planning techniques.

  • To assure the diver understands and acknowledges the hazards and risks associated with this level of tec diving.

technical divers on a shipwreck
tech sidemount diver
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