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Top 6 Things to Do on St. Croix Other than Diving

We all know, being under the ocean is the most important thing, but all great dive trips have a non-diving day prior to your departure from the island. Take this day to experience some of the great "land-activities."

Sweet Bottom Dive Center presents the top 8 things to do in St. Croix, other than diving.

(no particular order)

1. Visit the Historical, Estate Whim Museum

St. Croix is speckled with historical sights. Once a Danish island with numerous plantations growing sugar cane, it now offers visitors an opportunity to learn a bit about the history of how St. Croix came to be. The Whim Museum offers a fully functional look at how a plantation worked back in the 1700s. (The Estate Whim Museum is Open Wednesday through Saturday 10am - 3pm. Admission is $10)

Estate Whim Museum

Photo Credit - USVI Dept of Tourism

2. Tour One of Our Rum Factories Lucky for us islanders, St. Croix has two, yes two, rum factories. The larger operation, ran by Captain Morgan, gives visitors a complete tour of how the rum is made. After the tour guests are offered up a few cocktails and tasters to sample what you learned about.

The local favorite and other factory on the island is Cruzan Rum. This tour takes guests through the entire rum manufacturing process. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to try the molasses used in the rum. After the tour at Cruzan, you’ll be treated to three samples and another two full-sized drinks.

The guides at both of these companies are amazing and you’ll be enlightened, and a little buzzed, by the time you leave. If you feel so inclined to, guests to our island are offered a free checked box of 6 bottles of alcohol. The only catch is one of the bottles must be made on island.

3. Tour the St. George Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens of St. Croix is one of our local spots to go explore the beautiful flora of the islands. This self-guided walking tour is around an old plantation offering beautiful views and photo ops along the way.

(Open Mon. - Sat. 10am - 4pm. Admission is $8 per person)

Flowers at the botanical gardens

Photo Credit - Tim Linse

4. Tour Christiansted's History, Shops, and Restaurants The small town of Christiansted, located mid-island on the north-shore is filled with culture, history, and shops.

There is the Christiansted Fort tour which will give you a glimpse of what the island's defenses were like back in the day, along with the Christiansted boardwalk to fill many hours exploring the local cuisine and shops. In these shops you will have your typical island-touristy paraphernalia; accompanied by many authentic Cruzan goods and items. Many visitors find themselves buying a Cruzan hook bracelet, an old tradition-driven piece of jewelry for both men and women. A trip to St. Croix isn’t complete without a souvenir shirt as well! 5. See the Beer Drinking Pigs Mt. Pellier Domino Club, or Normas, is a hidden gem in the rain-forest on the west side of the island. This quaint local restaurant is home of the world-famous, beer drinking pigs. These days the pigs don’t drink actual beer (relax PETA), it is just O’Douls. Have some fun and hand feed these giant pigs a few of their favorite drinks. Watch them smash the can open, drink the beer, and spit the can out. If you are feeling the thirst after feeding these big hogs, grab a "Momma Wanna" at the bar for a real treat.

Beer Drinking Pigs on St. Croix

Photo Credit - T. Hires

6. Hike to the Ham's Bluff Lighthouse On the far north-west corner of the island, lies a beautiful lighthouse nestled on-top of a mountain. This hike departs from the USNG training facility at the end of route 63. The hike is about 20-30 minutes in length with a fair incline. Once on-top of the mountain the lighthouse stands in all it's glory. The views are breathtaking and the breeze is refreshing.

lighthouse on st. croix

Photo Credit - Tim Linse


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