Introducing Your Future Friends

HI!  Welcome to St. Croix and Sweet Bottom Dive Center.  We are glad to have you and are looking forward to diving with you soon.


Our staff of professional scuba instructors are experts in every type of diving imaginable here on St. Croix.  We could even teach you some ice diving...if we had ice.  As certified PADI Instructors we can conduct almost every certification available from our beach front dive center.  If you're making the run to warmer waters to finish your Open Water certification, want to learn how to take beautiful underwater photographs, or even become a professional dive master we can do it all for you.


Here at Sweet Bottom we focus on the fun and relaxing parts of the diving.  Whether you're on a full blown 5 dives a day adventure or just feel the urge to catch a quick dive, we'll help to make every moment count.  Don't you worry about a thing either because we are more than happy to put together, carry, break down, clean, and dry your gear after each and every dive!  Just relax and enjoy the underwater view off the closest dive site to "The Wall."


So let's meet your future friends...


Greg preparing to go DIVE!

Greg Gapen

General Manager

IDC Staff Instructor


Greg was born and raised in the cornfields of Illinois then moved to the scorching heat of Phoenix in the 70’s.  In 2005, he met Mel and swept her off her feet as she pulled him underwater.  He had to get certified before she made him her forever dive buddy.

Greg has dove chilly California waters, Mexico, Florida Keys and across the Eastern Caribbean.  He is a 6-pack boat captain as well as a PADI and SDI IDC Staff Instructor, working on his Master Instructor.  In 2009, Mel and Greg left the dry heat of Phoenix and headed to Utila for their IDC and then on to St. Kitts and eventually ended up in St. Croix in 2010.  And here is where they hope to stay!     

Favorite Dive Site: Davis Bay West

Favorite Restaurant: Hanging out at Brew Pub

Favorite View: Pt. Udall at Sunrise

Favorite Drink: Cruzan Dark Rum on the rocks  


Mel at fabulous Carambola Beach!

Mel Gapen

Retail Manager

IDC Staff Instructor


Mel grew up in one of the hottest places on earth, El Centro, CA!  In 1989 while in college she learned to dive in San Diego in the winter, brrr.  After college, life got in the way and she did not hardly dive for 15 years until she met Greg in Phoenix, AZ. She dreamed for 20 years of being a dive instructor and living in the Caribbean! She told him she would not marry him until he got certified (they got married 2 months after he got his C- card). And the rest is history.  

Mel has done a lot of diving throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and California.  In 2009, Mel and Greg made the dream come true and became PADI Staff Instructors, and there is no looking back.  St. Croix has become home and she cannot imagine ever joining the rat race again! 

Mel loves teaching people scuba diving and showing them the underwater world.  “it truly is an amazing world down below that everyone should see!”

When she is not diving is is busy working on her and Greg's sailboat, Mermaid Tales.


Favorite Dive Site: Frederiksted Pier at night

Favorite Restaurant: Bombay Club

Favorite View: From a sailboat at Buck Island

Favorite Drink: Cruzan Banana Rum on the rocks 

Bill Colderbank

Master Scuba Diver Trainer


In 1964 Bill's father met an ex-navy diver that was teaching SCUBA at the local YMCA. Dad signed Bill up for the class and he's been diving ever since. Bill received his Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) certification in 2004. When he's is not teaching scuba diving Bill manages the logistics for an international marketing company.


Bill has had the opportunity to dive in exotic locations for over 40 years. He experienced a perfect "Kodak" moment on New Years Eve 2001 while he was on the surface waters off the coast of Bonaire with his dive group. There was a full moon overhead, and as he was waiting to descend he and his dive group watched the sky light up with the island's firework display.


Other than Bonaire, Bill's favorite dive locations are the Galapagos Islands to see a display of large sea life and St. Croix, USVI to observe smaller marine life and healthy reefs.


Bob Jensen

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

I think he started diving with Jacques Cousteau! But he will tell us all about it soon in his bio!!!

Matt Gale

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Sailor and Instructor!

Katie Payne

Assistant Instructor

Bailey Rowland

Assistant Instructor

Warren Evans

Divemaster and Lionfish Hunter Extraordinaire

Adrian Gansen

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Used to be a dentist but then he realized how fun it is to show others how to blow bubbles!

Daron Marsh